Planning for a Delicious future

2013 was a big year for us at Delicious. We relaunched the site from the ground up, built many brand new features, and have been blown away by the response to our Annual Reports project.  Our team also released a number of official apps for Delicious:

We are thrilled with the positive user feedback from our recently launched and refreshed apps. These apps are all built on a new platform our team has built to ensure stability and quality performance.

To that end, we’d like to give you more information about upcoming changes to Delicious to help it remain sustainable and free for the community.

Finding what makes Delicious tick?

Out with the old API, in with the new

In the coming weeks we will release version 1.1 of the Delicious API and announce a timetable to retire the existing API. The main changes will include requiring authentication on every API endpoint and introducing stricter rate limit guidelines.

Currently, in v1.0 of the Delicious API we allow developers access to certain API endpoints without requiring their applications to authenticate, essentially enabling them to access public information from the Delicious API without us knowing who they are. For example, there are many applications that are pulling data from the Delicious API at very high rates (scraping, bots, etc.) where we only know the IP address of the applications. To prevent malicious use of the Delicious API and gain an understanding of what types of applications are accessing the API in order to evolve it to meet the needs of developers, it’s important to have visibility into the activity on the Delicious API and the applications using the platform. In version 1.1, we will require every request to the API to be authenticated.

Experimenting with ads

As mentioned above, we have launched several Delicious-supported apps to help create a consistent Delicious experience across different platforms – and we want to make this an experience that is here to stay.

Any ad or promoted content on the site will be transparent to users.  It is our goal to make such content as relevant to our users as possible. The introduction of ads will be an iterative process as we are conscious of preserving the existing Delicious experience and will make improvements based on feedback.

Thank you all so much for your support! We will continue to provide updates to these forthcoming changes. We here at Delicious are looking forward to an exciting 2014!