Delicious Changes

Dear Delicious Users,

My name is Tony Aly, and I’m the CEO of Delicious Media, a new company formed in alliance between my company, Domainersuite, and Science, the company that has managed Delicious since 2013. Science has transitioned control of Delicious to our new entity so that my team and I can dedicate ourselves to the long-term success and stability of this wonderful, useful, trailblazing site.

As part of this transition, over the next few weeks, we will be a making a few fairly prominent changes to the site.

The first big change you’ll notice is our transition from the javascript front-end framework that has been powering the content at The engineers who crafted this version of the site are incredibly talented, and their code is amazing. It’s beautiful and powerful, but it has posed several significant challenges for us. For example, the search engines have a real problem reading our content, hindering users’ efforts to use Google or Bing to find what they’re looking for on Delicious.

Fortunately for us, the version that the javascript site replaced has been kept alive at This was built using a much more traditional framework, and it’s great! In fact, many of our longtime users have continued to prefer it over the main site, and frankly, so do we. Therefore, we are switching to this platform for our main site, and this transition will position us to quickly iterate in our ongoing efforts to keep Delicious thriving.

The next change will arguably be a bit bigger. One of the terms of the transition is that we must revert to the original URL: This will pose a few challenges, as there a lot of moving parts involved. But it’s something we have to do.

Another exciting change that many of our users have been asking for is to bring back stacks. We agree — stacks are awesome! Please keep an eye out for this very cool and exciting feature to make a comeback.

In a nutshell, we’re going back to our roots. Delicious is the original social bookmarking site, and we’re honored to be its caretakers.

Please be patient with us as we make these changes, and know that while we fully expect to break things…our team is fully dedicated to making things right.

Please email to let us know how we’re doing and how we can make the site better for you.

Tony Aly