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What’s new with Delicious?

You asked, we listened! We’ve heard all your feedback after our survey 4 months ago and put our efforts forward to increase your Delicious experience.

Going ad-free

We know how annoying ads can be, but we are a business and want to keep serving you, so we’ve offered a paid delicious membership that’s ad-free!  No advertisements will appear on any page that you visit on Delicious or share from your Delicious account. Delicious daily e-mails will also be ad-free and advertisers will not have any visibility into your Delicious activity.

Our premium membership also includes quarterly voting, where users can voice opinions to help and recommend us with any upcoming features.

Fixing Feeds

We are making a change to our service offering to handle the increase in feed traffic over the last few years. Thanks to the hard work of our technical team, we’re still able to offer the feeds for free to all, but effective this week, there are a few limitations.

First, we cannot continue to serve them for free over HTTPS, but we can over plain HTTP.

Second, feed data needs to be cached, or changes to the your links will be delayed when the feed is requested.

If either of these is a problem, or you’re looking for a way to help out Delicious, we’d love to invite you to beta test the premium feed by e-mailing for the beta url.

Revocable Email

Delicious also now offers a whole new way to enhance your everyday communication through our new service, Dmail. Dmail, is a chrome extension available to all users, that allows you to send private, self destructing email from your Gmail account. Enhancing the old with something newer and better is what we’re all about. The idea for Dmail came from our own personal experience sending and trying to protect sensitive information via email. Our core belief is that the sender should own the content of their email, and more specifically, access to it. The recipient should currently be able to view the content of the email in the browser without having to install the chrome extension. The Dmail extension is only necessary if you want to send a Dmail.

We’re still early in our product process, but we built this tool out of a pain many of us have experienced and we hope it makes life easier for you as well!

Thanks again!

At Delicious, we are constantly working on bigger and better things to serve you. A few months ago we completed a migration to a faster more efficient platform. We also added a support system, AVOS, that Delicious didn’t have before. All these updates are only the beginning of all the great things we are determined to offer our users. As a business that was born out of feedback, we are always eager to hear more, so if you have any questions, concerns or comments please contact us at

Brief Site Maintenance Outage

Delicious will be experiencing a 5 minute maintenance outage taking place tonight at 8:00 p.m. PST. We are rebooting all of our databases and appreciate your patience.

Update: Some users experienced slowness until 4:00 a.m. PST.  Our provider was the cause of the outage. The whole site was up and down for the last hour. It was triggered by our scheduled DB maintenance combined with the service issue.

Update 7/21 11:31 p.m.: We have experienced brief downtime due to one of our databases. Delicious may have acted unusual for a 20 minute period between 10:30 p.m. PST and 10:50 p.m. PST. The database has now recovered.’

Update 7/23 5:16 p.m.: We will be experiencing another brief maintenance outage tonight at 9:00 p.m. PST for about 30 minutes.

If you experience any other issues or have any feedback, please contact us at

Clearing out images from previous

As a part of our ongoing effort to reduce the footprint of our servers, we’re removing site images from  There should be no change in the service if you normally go to  If you still prefer, you might notice those images are gone now, you might not care, but that little tiny pic there has represented more than 99% of the cost of continuing to run previous.  So we elected to once again keep previous, but get rid of the elephant in the room.

If you experience any unintended side-effect, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Happy bookmarking!

Delicious slowness and upgrades

5/27 10:40 PST: Some users have been experiencing slowness this morning.  We’re performing some upgrades and should have everything back to normal in an hour or so.

Update 11:37 PST:  Issues appeared to be cleared now.  Please contact if you experience any further issues.

Update 04/10/15

*Update:* Users using the legacy bookmarklet are seeing  a persistent “Rate limit exceeded” message. Our engineering team is still working through these issues. We have no estimations yet.

*More databases are being upgraded caused by load spikes of unknown origins.

A load spike has caused database slowness for 10% of users. Please continue to check in for more updates and contact us at if you are experiencing any other issues.

Site Maintenance

*Update:* The delicious API, feeds and previous are now working! We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced but are happy to announce that there should no longer be any issues. Please contact us at if you experience otherwise.

*Update:* We are expecting the delicious API, feeds and previous to be unavailable for an additional hour. Please stay tuned for more information.

*Update:* The delicious API, feeds, previous will be unavailable for the next hour while database migrations continue. This should dramatically reduce the partial site outages some users are experiencing.

*URGENT SITE MAINTENANCE:* Database will be upgraded at 11:30 a.m. PT due to a large spike, causing an outage of unknown duration. We will keep you updated with the duration of this outage shortly. Check in with our blog posts to see any new updates regarding this issue!

*Update:*  The exporting of links is now fixed. If you are still experiencing any issues with exporting please contact us at

*Update:* Some users were experiencing problems loading feeds from We have fixed the problem, but please contact us if you encounter any more issues there. Other users have seen errors where the “Rate limit has been exceeded”, we are currently investigating this issue.

*Update:* Service was restored after approximately 20 minutes of downtime. If you find features that are not working, please contact us at

***Databases are going down now for maintenance.  Problems logging in are expected over the next 30 minutes.***

**Update:** The importing and exporting of links will be temporarily unavailable until Tuesday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated on the progress!

*Update:* We just had an executive meeting and our operations plan got a green light, we are going to go live tonight!

Delicious users,

We are currently in the process of moving our data center. The entire maintenance window is expected to be from Friday April 3rd at 8:00 p.m. PT until Saturday April 4th 9:00 a.m. PT. During this time you may experience interruptions when saving and retrieving links. We are anticipating a full site outage at some point during that window,  but we are expecting it to last less than 1 hour.

During the maintenance window, please try to minimize the number of links you save: they will appear in your saved links but there might be a delay when searching for them for up to  7 days. Any links saved before or after the window will appear immediately in searches.